in Delivering Exceptional Childcare Service!

Rated G aims to deliver the highest quality childcare by focusing on the child’s overall development. We are committed to providing a safe environment where children can receive quality care while learning. We focus on the whole child by encouraging family engagement and providing intergenerational support. Our dedicated team strives to ensure your child receives the best care possible. Keep scrolling to learn more about Rated G Early Child Care Enrichment Academy.

Evolving Curriculum

We start the learning process with our infants and don’t stop until they are ready to grace a kindergarten class. We engage our children in various age-appropriate materials and activities while encouraging them to excel in their natural gifts through extracurricular activities. Our trained professionals are experts in childcare services and are committed to their wellbeing.

Dedicated Staff

We have a staff of individuals with various education, skill, and experience that makes parents feel comfortable and confident in our ability to serve their child’s needs. At Rated G, we are committed to academic, social, emotional, and physical development to ensure every child feels empowered. Visit the services page for more information.



Childcare Center Profile

Name: Rated G Child Care and Enrichment Academy 

16342 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland, Ohio 4411

Established: 2022

    • Received "ODJFS 3-STAR RATING" award in 2024.
    • Maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure personalized attention and care.
    • Collaborates with local community organizations to offer family resources such as food pantry access, clothing, and hygiene products.
    • High parent satisfaction rates, with regular feedback sessions and open communication channels.
    • Staff members with extensive training in early childhood education and development committed to continuous professional development and training

We offer comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of families and children:

  • Ages Served:
    • Children aged 6 weeks to 12 years old.
  • Hours of Service:
    • Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
    • Flexible scheduling options available to accommodate varying family needs.
  • Location of Center:
    • Conveniently located in the heart of East Cleveland
    • Easily accessible from major highways and public transportation routes.
    • Secure and spacious facility with indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Tuition or Fees:
    • Tuition rates vary based on the age of the child and the chosen schedule (full-time or part-time).
    • Affordable options are available, with sibling discounts offered.
    • Vouchers Accepted and Discounts for Private Pay Families.
    • Financial assistance programs may be available for qualifying families.
    • Transparent fee structure with no hidden costs, including meals and educational materials.

Overall, Rated G Child Care and Enrichment Academy strives to provide high-quality early childhood education and care services that are accessible, flexible, and affordable for families in the East Cleveland and nearby city community.

Meet the Team

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Mrs. Dee


Some think the D stands for discipline and may not be too far off. As the Director, she is responsible for all of the rules and regulation development. Her ability to connect with families and children is unbelievable. She comes to us with a Child Development Associate and is currently pursuing her BA in Early Childhood Education. She holds a BA in Business Science and a Paralegal degree from Boston University. 

Zinzi Billboard

Ms. Zee

Child Care Center Administrative Staff

Career Pathways Level (CPL) Level 5 Professional Development Level 3

Credentials: Certified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) with required qualifications for administrative roles in childcare centers.

Ms. Zee is one of the center's most Zealous staff members. As the Administrator, her new passion has become parent engagement. She is the key to the Academy's administrative compliance and is willing to help any parent along the way. She obtained her CDA in 2023 and is pursuing a post-secondary degree. She loves to read and loves animals.


Mrs. Emely

Human Resource Manager

Mrs. Emely is the Elmer's glue to our program. We throw her task after task and she puts it together like a champ! With years of experience Mrs. Emely has several years in customer service and is highly skilled in human resources. We are thrilled to have her on our team. She is responsible for the overseeing of ODJFS rules, regulations, and compliance. Her attitude is ALWAYS positive and she is an absolute pleasure to have on the team. If you receive a message from Mrs. Emely, please respond. It won't only brighten your day but, it will keep you in compliance.